Sponsored Post: How to Pair Brights

Kathryn is wearing the Chaps Solid Cardigan and the Chaps Floral Georgette Skirt, both available in store and online at Kohls.com

For us east coast and midwestern chicas who brave brutal winters and snowstorm after snowstorm, the beginning of spring can be a bit jarring. I mean, how do you go from heavy coats and sweaters in your pick of black, brown, tan, and dark blue to mint colored capris? Yes, mint-colored capris! The possibility of incorporating bright colors into your everyday wardrobe choices is both exciting and so, so terrifying. Like breaking any other habit, it’s about weaning yourself off your usual color suspects, and taking (fashionable) baby steps (thankful we can do it on a budget, like I did with these pieces from Chaps). Here’s my five-step process to incorporating color into your sartorial choices.

Dare to Pair: How to Pair Bright Colors in Style

Accessorize bright:

Kathryn Chaps

Not ready to pull on your big girl pants in bright yellow? No worries. Transitioning your wardrobe colors is like dating. After exchanging flirty texts for days, you’re ready to grab after work cocktails and maybe end the night with a kiss (if it goes well). Take it slow. Start with a bright accessory like a statement necklace, bag, or scarf. The burst of color refreshes your outfit, but you’re still in your comfort zone.

Try a perfect pairing: Back to those mint green capris. They’re cute, you snagged them at an affordable price, and colored denim is oh-so-trendy this season. If you’re not quite ready to channel your inner Rainbow Bright, try pairing a bright top or bottom with a neutral or dark color. Think turquoise blue blouse with your go-to black pencil skirt. Or a pretty pastel pink cardigan over a white tank and jeans. Mixing bright pieces with neutrals/blacks is a great way to get used to seeing some color on yourself everyday without overwhelming yourself all at once.

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Prints are the way to go: I love bright prints and patterns because they’re interesting to look at. A muted orange skirt could be a little too intense and too orange, but a pattern or print can break up the color in a way that’s more manageable to the eyes. I like pairing a bright printed dress with a solid color cardigan that’s usually in the neutral category, but if I’m feeling particularly audacious, I’ll go for another bright color.