How To Pack (on a Budget)


In this tough economy, travelling isn’t easy nor is it affordable. When it comes to airline fees, high gas prices, and unexpected expenses, sometimes it seems as though vacations will never be stress free. However, with enough planning, you fabulous fashionistas can absolutely learn to pack your bag on a budget while still bringing enough clothes to look incredible every day. So we came up with five great steps to help you to pack AND save money.

How to Pack (on a Budget)

Step 1: Organize.
Take a minute to sit down with a piece of paper. Write down each day of your trip across the top of the sheet of paper, making sure to include your day of departure and day of return. Under each day write down every type of activity you’ll be participating in on that day.

Next to each activity, write down all the clothing and accessories you will need (ALL, down to the socks). Do this for everyday of your trip. Look through your list and cross off anything that can be worn more than once (for example, you can wear certain shoes more than once, may only need to bring one or two swimsuits, etc).

For example, a great pair of black flats can coordinate with every single outfit you bring. Similarly, your favorite jeans can last for several days if you’re touring a new city. A pretty shade of brown eye shadow is appropriate for work and going out to dinner. Don’t worry about repeating outfits. If you change your accessories daily, no one will be the wiser that you’re wearing the same pair of pants twice. The same rule applies to technology. If your laptop can double as your reading device, why pack your e-reader, magazines, and crossword puzzles?

The result should be the list of items you need for the trip. Pack items you can wear at least two times.

Step 2: Do Your Research.
Before you pack a bag that’s too big for the airline cabin, check the stats on your airline’s website. Break out the tape measure and make sure that your bag fits their qualifications. Place your bag on the scale to make sure it’s not overweight. Taking the time to complete these tasks ahead of time can save you from those pesky airline fees and keep your budget on track.

Step 3: Stop. Drop. And Roll.

You’re getting closer. You know your agenda, you’ve chosen your clothes and accessories, and now it’s time to squeeze them into your bag. Although it’s difficult for fashionistas, packing just one bag is the most budget friendly way to travel. It limits the amount of fees you have to pay to the airline and in your hotel. Who needs to tip a bellhop if you can roll just one bag of your own? That being said, choose items that can be rolled tightly to take up less space in your bag. Bright scarves, patterned tights, and belts are all great accessories that are small and can make a big impact on your outfit of choice.

Also look into space saver bags. You just put your clothes into the bags ,and using your vacuum cleaner, zip the bags flat. This can add up to an additional 50% in your bag.

Step 4: Check the Toiletries
Nothing blows a budget quite like running into the drug store for deodorant, pantyhose, Tylenol, make up, etc. Make sure you have sample sizes of your everyday products and that these products fit into a gallon zip lock bag.

Step 5: Bring Washing Powder
A small bag of washing powder for your clothes can be a godsend when traveling as it allows to pack less clothes. You can also use body soap and/or shampoo to wash your clothes as well.

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  1. says

    Great tips, I will save this in my files for our next expedition. Mr. Parks and I sometimes like to get up and just *go* making it a little harder to plan for what we will do each day, we’re not ones for an itenerary, aside from a flight/train schedule. Plus we always shop and sometimes like to wear something we’ve bought that day for a night out.. Ahhh the joys of travel :)

  2. Steph says

    Question. How does one repack space saver bags once you’ve opened it at your destination? If I brought 50% more I’d never get it back in, right?

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