How to Bargain at Garage Sales

2. Negotiate at the Beginning & End

 How to Negotiate at Garage Sales

In my humble opinion, as someone who gets a thrill out of haggling, the best times to do so are at the very beginning and the very end of a garage sale. If you are the first person to a sale, you get first dibs. However, with too low an offer, the seller could wait a few hours to see if something better comes along. It’s your job to show them that you’re their gal. Why wait until later in the day when you have an interested buyer right there? Conversely, at the end of the sale, people are tired and hot, and they want to pack up and go inside. This is your best opportunity to lowball. I once got a huge chandelier for $2 simply because the sale was over, and the sellers were ready to pack up.

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