Spring Fashion 2012 Boot Camp: How To Mix Prints

Sophomore: Mixing Colored Prints

Mixing Colored Prints

Source: Style.com

Once you’ve got the basics of mixing black and white prints together, have a firm understanding of the importance of staying in the same fabric family, and have worn the look a few times to great applause, then you’re ready to move to mixing prints (other than black and white) that are in the same color family.

Color Wheel
You want to look for prints that are the same in terms of scale (meaning the print should be around the same size) and have colors that are very close to each other (known as analogous colors) on the color wheel.

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  1. HauteChick says

    LOVE the mixing prints trend (and the color blocking trend)!! Depending on the color and/or print – it can be so chic and edgy!!

  2. Sophia says

    Oooh, like the purple combination! I’m going to have to try that with one of my lime green striped blouses and my mom’s green tie-dyed peasant skirt. I don’t think she’ll mind. 😉

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