How to Make a Statement Bracelet

My friend Jenni from the awesome site ISPY-DIY gives us step by step instructions on how to create a statement bracelet.

Statement Bracelet 1

Supplies: Gold and silver chain from M&J Trimming, Rhinestone, Black Suede rope, pliers, bracelet closure. Click below for the steps.

Statement Bracelet 4

Tie together the two pieces of chain (two chain should be the same size links so they match up when weaving rope) with a double knot.

Statement Bracelet 5

Start by weaving together the first link of the chains.

Statement Bracelet 6

Place the rhinestones in between the two pieces of chain and begin weaving all three.

Statement Bracelet 7

Continue weaving down the chains, pulling the rope tightly between each link.

Statement Bracelet 2

Using your pliers, remove any extra links so all three chains line up. Double knot at the end.
Statement Bracelet 8

Tie the closures on each end. Trim excess rope.

Statement Bracelet 3

Fasten around your wrist and to create a great mixed metal look!

For more do-it-yourself projects check out Jenni Radosevich’s website

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