Craigslist It:

Craigslist It

Yep, much like Google and Facebook, our digital friend Craigslist has become a highly-useful verb. Maybe you don’t like the pesky fees of eBay, or maybe you prefer all your business transactions to be local. Whatever the case is, Craigslist is an alternative to eBay to sell your stylish stuff. The key to Craigslist success? Include clear photos of the items you’re selling and describe exactly what you’re offering (e.g., “strapless pink BCBG dress in size 8 without tags” as opposed to “pink dress for sale”). Another word of caution: We love the Internet, but there are some WEIRDOS out there (yeah, we’re talking to you, Walter B. from eHarmony!), so make sure you meet any potential buyers in a public place.