How To Go Green on Thanksgiving

How To Go Green on Thanksgiving

One of the wonderful things about being eco-conscious is the constant opportunity to do the right thing and save money! Talk about being thankful! The last thing we need after a hard fought year is to cut back on our holiday celebrations in order to save some cash. So this year we’re doing it up right! How do we afford it? We go green on Thanksgiving, of course.

Here’s How:

  • Recycle that pumpkin from Halloween (you know, the one you intended to carve). This simple craft from Kaboose keeps your kids occupied for an hour turning your halloween pumpkin into a turkey. The end result makes a wonderful centerpiece for the table.
  • Use Fall Foods. For more sophisticated decorations, take advantage of fall foods: gourds and squash strategically placed on a table, or a vase filled with apples, persimmons and the like.
  • Decorate with Fall Leaves. Nothing beats fall leaves, scattered down the center of your table for a beautiful, eco-friendly and free decoration! Family and friends will be amazed by your ingenious leaf runner!
  • Resist the Temptation to use Paper or Plastic. Sure, washing dishes is more work than tossing the plate in the garbage, but it’s a holiday. Use the good stuff.
  • Create Pumpkin Soup. Back to that Halloween pumpkin…if you don’t use it for decoration, use it for food. Imagine the center of your table adorned with a cream of pumpkin soup served in the pumpkin shell. Recycling meets décor meets food.
  • Increase the Vegetables. Eating vegetarian is better for the environment as well as your budget. If you’re not willing to forego the turkey, simply increase the amount of vegetarian dishes and buy a local turkey.
  • Green Your Favorite Recipes. The traditional green bean casserole contains cans of green beans, soup and french onions. Instead, serve green beans fresh from the Farmer’s Market, with a little olive oil and some shaved almonds. Naturally delicious.
  • Use ALL the Turkey. Use the turkey carcass to make turkey stock. What a tasty way to recycle, and not nearly as difficult as you might think!
  • Start a Compose Heap. With all that slicing and dicing, Thanksgiving is a great time to start a compost heap! Use your fruit and vegetable remnants from cooking, as well as your coffee grounds to get that pile started.
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