Though the calendar claims it has made the way to spring, the numbers on the thermostat are saying something else!  Warm, sunny and seventy degrees one day.  Then cold, dreary and damp the next.  All this climate bouncing is complicating things with our outfits!

Get Your Spring Look On with These 7 Fantastic Spring Looks!

Our worn-to-death winter wardrobe feels completely inappropriate, while our breezy, little dresses don’t exactly hold up in fifty-something degrees.  We’re so ready for spring fever, but we’re stuck in season-schizophrenia!  How about a little mind over matter for the situation?  If we dress for brighter days then flirty skirt season should arrive, right?   Here’s how to inject some spring into your look right now.

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Tie One On

Linen Scarf, $49.50 from J.Crew
Enough with the winter woolies!  Tis the season for silk, cotton, linen, and any other fabric that gives off a gauzy finish! Accent your outfit with a light and lovely scarf then notice how fantastic it feels while fending off the morning (or ongoing) chill.