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    Not sure about the coffee grounds working to reduce cellulite, one of the best ways (for me at least) is getting plenty of exercise on a regular basis… though contemplating a purchase of a rolling pin right now! 😉

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    The only thing that ever worked for me was drinking a ton of water, reducing the amount of sugar I ate and eating tons of veggies. This was on a n eating plan that did not include wheat, corn, dairy, citrus and coffee/chocolate and sugar. In six months with no additional exercise I lost all the excess fat and cellulite from my thighs.

    Her’es to good eathing and excellent health!!!

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    Yvonne, I’d love to add your story to our list of cellulite successes! It makes sense that the diet you described could cure cellulite. Please contact me if you’re up for sharing your experience with other cellulite investigators (there’s a contact form on the site). Thanks!

    And TBF, thanks for the link. Rolling is an excellent way to treat cellulite. Watch out for that green tea, though. A lot of women (myself included) are hypersensitive to fluoride and tea leaves absorb fluoride more than any other edible plant. If you’re skin starts to break out, it could be the tea!

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