15 Great Ways to Get Glowing Skin Now

8. Be a Pop Star
It’s happened to us all: you’re 20 minutes away from meeting friends at a restaurant and that monster pimple sprouting from your cheek is so big you’re wondering if it might require a reservation. Hard as it may be, resist the urge to pick it to its death until you have the time to engage in a Proper Pimple Pop (say that three times fast). Hurriedly tending to a zit will only cause reddening around the general area, not to mention lead to that awful oozing, bacteria-spreading mess.

9. Play with Your Food
Time to summon your inner Rachael Ray. But this time, fruits and veggies belong on your face, not your plate. We’re big fans of a non-irritating facemask like one easily made with some honey and an egg. Combinations like avocado and olive oil or oatmeal and honey also make awesome masks.


10. Exfoliate!
Dead. Skin. Cells. In a word: yuck! Slough those bad boys off and instantly unearth the healthier, gorgeous layers underneath. We like the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Rejuvenator, St. Ives Invigorating Apricot Scrub (under $4 at most drugstores and Target) and Origins Modern Friction ($37.50, Amazon.com). Just go easy, glow seeker: overuse or being too rough can irritate your skin.

11. Go for the Bronze
Get glowing with bronzers to create a subtle effect. For getting that sunkissed luminosity, we like bronzers’ glowability over that of a pink blush (which is better suited for a more dramatic highlighting effect). Try a favorite of ours, Sonia Kashuk’s Bare Illuminating Bronzer ($12.99 online from Target). For dark skin, we like the Black Opal selection, typically available at local drugstores.

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