How to Fly to Paris (or Pittsburgh) Without Destroying the Earth

Let’s face it: Travel isn’t the best way to minimize your carbon footprint, especially if you go by air. But that doesn’t mean you’ve got to skip your vacation to save the world. It’s possible to travel with a minimum of environmental impact.

* Book a direct flight. Landing and taking off again burn extra fuel.
* Use public transportation to get to the airport. (You’ll save money on airport parking, too!)
* Skip the sample sizes. Travel-size toiletries may seem made for travel, but all those little plastic bottles take a huge toll on the environment. Use refillable plastic bottles instead.
* Unplug all your appliances and chargers before you leave the house. They use tons of energy even when they are just plugged in.
* Make reservations at an environmentally friendly hotel. (Visit the Green Hotels ########### to find hotels in your location.)

* Buy souvenirs. Shopping locally supports the local economy.
* Use local public transportation whenever you can. In addition to being good for the environment, it’s a great way to really explore a new place.
* Reuse sheets and towels whenever possible.

* Consider making a donation through or to offset the carbon footprint of your trip.

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