Thigh-High -vs- Oh, My

You’ve been hitting the gym and have killer legs. Miniskirt? Nope. Show those glam gams off with a longer, slit skirt. Peek-a-boo flashes of skin with every stride or leg cross are supremely sexy. Just resist the urge to also show how well your squats have been paying off; a slit that reveals your undie color while leaning forward is more hoochie than hot.

This goes for other parts of your body too; think in terms of glimpses. A dropped-sleeve dress or a low-backed blouse (but not a dropped sleeve and a low-backed blouse) also do the trick.

Head over Heels.
When it comes to shoes, sky-high isn’t always synonymous with sexy. Neither are styles that suggest you’re about to get all freaky with the hot candle on the restaurant table.

Display your sexi-pedi with flirty, not frightening, styles. We like wedges that boast playful patterns or feminine colors. Wear heels with a surprise element, like a tiny, ankle-skimming bow. And always—always—pass on a pair of anything oozing with buckles, ankle zippers or leopard-print leather tassels. Choose Marilyn Monroe over Marilyn Manson.

Stay True to Form.
Okay, you’ve got some curves that beg to be seen. We get it. Just go easy. A pair of bootcut jeans that nicely outline your rear-view goodness win over a pair of super skin-tight jeans (or skin-tight dress. Or skin-tight tank. You get the point). When your clothes are so snug that others can see your blood type, that means the hoochie-meter is pretty much pegged.

For us, sexy means form-fitting (different than form-suffocating) fabrics and cuts. Most importantly, go with what truly works for your body type. Forcing yourself into a size 12 when you’re a 16 fools no one. Wear it right and show ‘em what you’ve got.

So if sexy’s what you’re seeking, try these non-hoochie suggestions. We’re sure you’ll get those lingering stares, maybe even some drools. But rest assured, it’ll be for all the right reasons.

Here’s to you, sexy!

What come-hither looks are you considering today? We’d love to know.