How to Dress Sexy without Looking Like a Hoochie

Credit: Golden Means on WordPress

Stepping out in a sexy style is a good thing. Strutting your stuff in layers of tightness, sheerness and shortness—all in one outfit—tends to say, “your pole or mine?”

Not a good thing.

Just like a buffet, whose excess invites stares or even drools, an over-the-top outfit can elicit the same intrigue–unfortunately with the same unsettling, buffet-like reactions.

We think the best way to dress sexy without looking like a hoochie is to adopt a “less is more” approach. Forgo the temptation to flaunt every stretch of skin and bit of booty all in one shot. Hone in on one wonderful aspect: your toned calves, spectacular cleavage or that beauty mark just under your collarbone.

Let’s toss the all-or-nothing hoochie notion aside. Ladies, it’s sexy time.

How to Dress Sexy Without Going Over the Top

Don’t be a boob!

Girls’ night out need not literally be a girls’ night (busting) out. Choose tops and bras designed to show cleavage, but not of plumber’s crack proportions. Silky drape-neck dresses or keyhole blouses show your top off in a subtle yet head-turning manner. Strategically-placed necklaces also work, drawing the eye to your top half. Try a colorful pendant that dips oh-so-cleavage-close without getting buried in your, um, treasures.