Budget Beauty Solutions: How to Do An At Home Spa

In case you missed it: The Budget Fashionista always keeps her eyes out for budget beauty tips.  Do you already have a quick fix to looking better than ever, hiding in the fridge?  Even if you can’t cook, you can make these budget beauty solutions.

Make hair conditioner for dry hair: pretty much everything comes right out of the regular ‘ole fridge.  And it kind of sounds delicious.

Make an arsenal of quick fixes for the most common beauty problems: (almost) everything awful can be fixed!  Lemons for blemishes, a scrub for celluite, a quick dry for wet nails… Ladies, this is THE Master List.

Make facial scrubs and hair rinses: be careful in case you have food allergies, of course.  But if you don’t…

And if you liked that one, learn how to make this yummy smelling facial scrub, too: exfoliate, moisturize, smell great and look great!

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