Fashion Advice: How to Do a Clothing Swap

Dear Kathryn,
I was just wondering how you feel about clothing swaps. Have you ever been to/organized one? I have been trying to get one off the ground, but since I’m a misplaced college graduate with no friends (everyone moved home), short of posting on Craigslist, I have run out of ideas to get people interested. Any advice you have would be beyond helpful.

Answer: I think clothing swaps are fun! I’ve done clothing swaps before and I wrote about them in my book, “How to Be a Budget Fashionista.” In order to get people interested, I would pitch it more as a party/event than a clothing swap and start small (about four or five people) who happen to be about the same size and/or have similar fashion sensibilities. You wouldn’t want to invite someone with a “socialite” style to a clothing swap full of people whose styles tend to be more sporty.

I would ask coworkers (although it could be weird), as well as check to see if there’s a clothing swap meet-up in your area. If not, put one together and start to recruit new friends. Another idea is to see if a local thrift or consignment shop would be interested in hosting a clothing swap (where whatever hasn’t been swapped would be donated to the store), which may be safer than inviting strangers into your home.

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