Despite the fact that I currently have in my possession a coupon for 30% off at Kohl’s, the “man” (i.e. my credit card) tells me that if I want to buy my Grandma a Christmas present, I can’t buy another flower pot or throw rug for a month. So instead of getting depressed (or in debt), here are some of the things I do to decorate on $0.

1. Rearrange. I know, men everywhere just cringed. Thinking that I am relegating them to a Saturday full of “over there, no over THERE!” But, you can rearrange other things besides the heaviest items in the house. Often those are where they are for a good reason. Try rearranging your pictures, lamps or knickknacks. Much like mixing and matching in you closet can have surprising results, so can flipping the comforter from your guest room to your bedroom or moving the green and gold flamingo from the I’m-so-embarrassed-I-own-this box to the mantle.

2. Declutter.I have had my house for not even two years and already the clutter is off the hook. Nothing freshens a house than decluttering. You don’t have to display ALL your 20,000 porcelain puppies. Leave some to the imagination. Also, before you ditch, donate. Donating items to the Goodwill is better than having them fill a landfill. Remember, one person’s trash is my $.99 bargain.

3. Group. Take stock of your items spread around your house. Do you have a lot of blue, pink, orange? Collect these items and group them together by color for display on your mantle, shelf or end table. Items grouped together make a bigger impact than items divided. Remember the rule of 3 and 5:Things look more aesthetically pleasing in odd numbers.

4. Scentify. Nothing makes a home more beautiful than walking in and smelling a fresh scent. Try tucking dryer sheets (they have lovely smelling ones now—really!) inside your couch cushions. Light a candle. Bake some cookies. Make apple cider. Make coffee. My favorite trick is to put 3 cups of water in a pot on the stove and then slip in some vanilla, okay, a lot of vanilla, orange peels and cinnamon sticks . . . or whatever your favorite smell is, and let it simmer until the house smells delish.