The holidays are coming and most people are thinking about buying Bratz dolls, rather than area rugs. Also, with the holiday gift-giving pinch on your wallet, your budget may be stretched to breaking. So, here are tips on how to make your home holiday-ready without spending a single dime. Leave your own tips in the comments!

1. Clean. It’s that simple. You may not have designer furniture, but nothing shows your home off better than a vacuumed rug and clean surfaces. Take time to reorganize your entryway and linen closet and other “trouble” spots. You don’t have to do a deep clean, just try and do a 15 minute tidy-up every night before bed. I also keep cleaning products on every floor of my house, so I can wipe down the toilet or the sink stat when I see a trouble spot.

2. Repurpose. Go through your closets and storage and collect fun interesting items. That orange shawl you got on a whim from a flea market may make a lovely throw for your couch or fold it into a triangle and drape it over a curtain rod for a new window treatment. Your Grandma’s teapot that you hate because your sister got the antique bookshelves, may look nice on your table with a spray of fall foliage. I clean off my dining room table and stack cool looking books on top with a vase of flowers from my neighbor’s garden (I asked her first). If you have some cool examples of repurposing, I’d love to see them. Email me.

3. Finish-up. Do you still have spots on your wall where you need to touch-up? Unfinished craft projects? Half sewn pillows. Pictures that need to be hung? Take the time you would have spent shopping and finish up.

4. Enjoy. You have a lovely home. Make a cup of coffee or tea and sit back and enjoy it.