Get it Together: Reorg (10 Minutes)

Get it Together Reorg How to Clean Your Closet in Less than 30 Minutes

How neat it is. Skirts with skirts, blouses with blouses.

I’m a big believer (now anyway) of putting things where they belong. Undies belong in drawers, not on floors (sounds like a bumper sticker — not one I’d actually use, but still). Jeans should be folded with jeans, blouses hung next to blouses, skirts with skirts. Don’t worry about getting all color coordinated and matchy-matchy. Just focus on putting like items with like items.

Once I started shuffling things around, I was amazed (Seriously? My flared jeans were stashed between a dress and a bathing suit? Why was a bathing suit there anyway? Had I even worn it?)

Organization. Sigh. What a concept.