How to Choose the Best Springtime Hair Color

Medium/Dark Brown

Medium - Dark Brown

Credit: Daily Fashion Design

Stars like Gabrielle Union and Nia Long are known for their fabulous hair—and they usually don’t add drastic color to it. Both of these women are brown-skinned; Gabrielle Union has cool undertones, while Nia Long boasts warm undertones. However, medium to dark brown hair looks great on them both, because they choose different variations of brown to work with. A slight lift in her natural brown color makes Nia Long’s face appear brighter, compliments the red and orange tones in her skin, and is a nice balance to her edgy haircut (take note of this, ladies: sometimes it’s best to pick one drastic hair move at a time). Gabrielle Union’s boasts highlights that are modest but noticeable and blend in well with her yellow and blue skin undertones. The color makes her eyes appear brighter as well.

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