No one Wants Socks for Their Birthday; Or, How to Buy Birthday Presents and Still Keep Your Friends


Getting Carded is One Thing, Giving Them is Another

Gift Cards

I admit to going through a gift card phase, big time. What with being tied up commuting, dealing with my wisdom tooth episode and watching Grey’s Anatomy, there was no time for this gift search stuff. So, it was gift cards, one and all!

What was I thinking?

Nothing screams “I thought of you while I was busy getting something for me” than a generic prepaid card to the Olive Garden. As for me, I’ll take friendship over those endless breadsticks any day.

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  1. says

    Love TBF and your great tips! One small thing this longtime American Red cross volunteer would like to point out: with rare exception, the Red Cross does not generally solicit donations of clothing items. We defer to our colleagues at other fine organizations like The Salvation Army and Goodwill Industries, which I’m sure will happily take that scarf (and where I as a thrift store shopper just might pick it up).

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