Fashion Advice: How to Be a Hot Mama, Not a Hootchie Mama

Dear Budget Fashionista,

It seems like department stores target two types of shoppers—Lindsay Lohan wannabes and little old Ladies. How can I, a mom in her late 30’s, continue to look hot without looking like a teen pop star or my grandma?

Hot Mama

Dear Hot Mama,

Is there a happy medium between a teen that wears many different trends all at once and an unfashionable retiree who might not wear any trends? You betcha.

The key to looking relevant, but not too young, is to always pair a trend with a basic and to only wear one trend at a time. For example, a pair skinny leg jeans with this summer’s tunic, gauchos with a basic tee or fitted blazer, red wide belt with a basic black dress, animal printed tank with a basic black suit. Feel free to try some of this season’s other top trends.  For example, wrap dresses continue to reign supreme and is something that is both in fashion and easy to wear. Add a fabulous necklace, a pair of this season’s platform shoes for support, and a pair of Assets by Spanx (at Target Stores) for a dressier look or pair the dress up with a pair of black leggings and ballerina flats. This fall skirts, pair up a knee length pencil skirt from Isaac Mizrahi at Target with a graphic t-shirt from Old Navy and pair of black microsuede knee high boots from Isaac Mizrahi at Target—again mixing a classic piece (wrap dresses, pencil skirts) with trendy pieces (platform shoes and graphic t-shirt).

Once you get the kids in bed, go online and browse to stores like Nordstrom, Coco-Delilahs, Gap, and Smart Bargains for great up to date finds that are grandma-free and affordable. For single hip pieces check out, and Old  Last but not least, find a great tailor who can tailor your clothes to give it that finishing touch.

Happy Shopping,

The Budget Fashionista

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