How Sales People Get You To Buy

What: Our friends at Ultimate Coupons Blog, feature a post containing the sales tactics used by sales people to get you to buy., The post is written from the perspective of a sales person from American Eagle.
From the Sales Girl:

For every credit card application I got someone to fill out I earned points and if your application was approved I earned even more points. I held the top spot for most credit card applications in my store month after month. I earned enough points to score a free espresso maker. How was I so successful? I asked each and every person if they wanted to save 10% by applying for a credit card. I quickly followed that up by saying “It only takes a second,” as I pushed the short application their way with a pen. I made it so easy most people couldn’t refuse.

They thought it sounded like an easy way to save some money, when in fact, marketers know if you’ve got a store credit card in your wallet you’ll spend way more money there. Target officials say that shoppers who use their Target Redcard spend an average of 44% more than other shoppers. So no matter how much money the sales associate says applying for a store credit card can save you– don’t do it. The facts show that little piece of plastic will actually make you spend far more than you would otherwise.

Kathryn Says: I love this article because it clearly, explains the tactics that sales folks use to get to buy more. As stated in the post, sales folk often receive a bonus for every credit card sign up you get (sometimes as much as $50 per new credit card sign up), so there’s a lot of motivation to get you to get a store credit card. I once received over $200 bonus when I signed up 20 people for cc I worked at certain popular mall base store BBF (before budget fashionista).