Thick in the Middle? Here’s Some Tips on How NOT to Look Preggers

If you’ve got a bit of a tummy, make sure to avoid the following:

– Tops with drawstring waist
– Empire-waist tops (the waist is right under the bust)
– Tunic-style tops with belts (alone, a tunic top is fine)
– Crop tops


Current Affair Ruched Cap Sleeve Top

Current Affair Ruched Cap Sleeve Top, $29.90 from Nordstrom

Another great way to “reduce” your middle is to dress monochromatically–black and black, blue and blue, pink and pink. This can help distract from your midsection. You might also want to try ruching (the scrunching of the fabric of a top to create several folds, like the above image), which can camouflage your middle section.

Last but not least, you can also wear a pair of tummy-control panties or a pair of Spanx–not the best option during a hot summer, but an option nonetheless. And…make sure you’re wearing the correct size in tops. A too-small top will highlight any “issues” you might have.

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  1. MJ Moore says

    Hey, thank you thank you thank you for busting the empire top myth!! After both my babies, I looked at the advice given for postpartum women, and the clueless fashionistas always, without exception, pointed to the empire top as a solution. And the comments after always, without exception, consisted of actual postpartum women trying to explain how empire tops are the opposite of a tummy concealer….

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