Your Valentine Card: Why You Got What You Got

This Valentine’s Day, we’re taking you on a rare expedition to the foreign, complicated, yet not-so-complicated mind of a man.  Fashionistas, read on to find on what goes on in a man’s head while he’s writing your V-day card.  For your viewing pleasure only….   Written by your everyday hubby/boyfriend/significant other/special man friend…

Ladies, if you’ve always wondered why your Valentine note is the way it is, I’m going to give you a rare look into the thought process of a man by giving you the drafts leading up to the final version that I intend giving to my own Valentine. We may not be as eloquent and exact as our counter parts, but I think we should get something for trying.

Draft #1
Dear Hommie,
I’m sorry and Happy Valentine’s Day. Once again it’s the that time of year where I get an opportunity to show appreciation for having you in my life. I mean, if it weren’t for these regularly and suspiciously placed corporate sponsored holidays, I don’t think it would occur to me to get anything special. Because honestly everyday is special with you. Although if everyday is special, then none of them are, right? So what are we suppose to do with all these non-special special days? I guess I could go broke buying you something everyday. I mean as the non-special, special days start to blur into non-special months and years only punctuated by the times you missed your period…

Okay, see what happen there? Whenever you start writing about a woman’s period, it’s probably time for a rework. Also draft #1 gets a
little too philosophical. On to the next version:

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  1. Ann says

    Great funny piece – too bad you will not allow it to be posted to Facebook on Valentine’s Day that’s just stupid!!!!! Why not put your name out there and share your gift for funny….too bad so many people will never see this great piece …………..

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