At any given moment, I have 15 pairs of shoes in my closet. Not a lot for someone who’s into fashion, but that’s because I recycle my clothes quite often and because of my strange big feet, I have to spend more money on shoes than any other clothing item.  Plus I actually WEAR, all the shoes in my closet.

Remember the key to a good shoe wardrobe and a good wardrobe period is QUALITY, not QUANTITY. As women, we wear the number of shoes in our closet as a badge of honor, yet, we don’t WEAR most of them. I betcha you only wear like 10, maybe 15, of your 50 pairs of shoes and the others are long forgotten. I say sell them off, so you can fully enjoy the ones you actually wear.

To be honest, you really only NEED five pairs of shoes:

- Pair of Tennis Shoes/sneakers
- Pair of Black pumps
- Pair of Sandals  (with a strap that strategically covers your “problem” toe)
- Pair of Black or Brown boots (midcalf to knee high that you could wear in the snow or rain and still look fabulous)
- Pair of Flats(or shoe with a slight heel if flats are uncomfortable)

Obviously most of us aren’t going to have just 5 pairs of shoes in our closet.. so here’s some other shoes you should have as “shoe wardrobe stretchers”:

- Pair of Sexy Shoes (i.e stilletos, peep toe, red patent leather, whatever)
- Pair of Wellies or Snow Boots (cause let’s face, sometimes it’s just too cold (or rainy) to be cute
- Pair of cheap Trendy Shoes (bright neon, extra pointed, jelly, you get the picture)
- Second Pair of Boots (especially if you live in the midwest, northeast or northwest)
- Pair of Brown Heels
- Pair of Trendy Sneakers (so you can look cute while you shop)
- Pair (or two) of Flip-flops ( they’re just so practical)

How Many Pairs of Shoes Do You Have in Your Closet?