How to Do At Home Beauty Treatments

Skip your trip to the salon, and save yourself a little bit of cash, by learning how to do these salon services yourself.


Here’s some tips for saving money by doing your own beauty services:

Wax your own legs:; Get step-by-step instructions via our links below.

Do your own pedicure: don’t stress!  Relax and follow all our steps, which includes a shopping list of exactly what you’ll need.

Preserve your manicure: a manicure might be harder to do yourself, but when you’ve got it, check out our tips on how to make it last.

Shape your own eyebrows: we’ve got the 101 on the perfect tools, the perfect shape, and best of all, perfect results. 

Learn how to apply false eyelashes: this is a tricky one, but we have a $6 at-home kit, and tips on how to make it easy. 

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