How are You Saving Gas? Reader Tips

We have a confession to make.  We at The Budget Ecoist remember when gas prices hovered at the dollar mark.  Would it go below a buck?  Come on, come on, come on! Oh! $1.01!

Yes, we were there.  And it really wasn’t that long ago (we’re not that old!) But nowadays we’re lucky if gas prices stay under $2.90 one week and under $3.25 the next. We’ve stopped hoping those prices will take a dip and started taking action!

At The Budget Ecoist, we keep our gas budget in check by working from home (ahhh! the benefits of blogging!), carpooling or taking public transit, and keeping the tires on our car properly inflated.

A few small changes have made all the difference.  Cuz you know we’re not giving up our hard earned money to Chevron!

So Eco Reader, share with us your valuable tips on how you fight the ever-increasing gas prices.

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