Houston, We Have a Problem: Recycle This….Now!

This week The New York Times reported that out of the thirty largest cities in the U.S., Houston is the lamest (our term, not the NYT’s) when it comes to recycling. They recycle only 2.6% of their total waste compared to New York City, which recycles 34%, and San Francisco, which recycles a whopping 69% of their total waste.

The mayor of Houston cites the independent spirit of Texans as a big problem in getting people to separate their trash, and to get waste management companies on board. Even the Houstonians who want to take care of their business have been waiting upwards of ten years for those blue and green bins. Add to this the low cost of landfills in the state that’s like a whole other country and it’s a recipe for lethargy.

It looks like Houston needs a hero.

Mayor Bill White says he wants to expand Houston’s recycling efforts, but he feels the public (and the city council) is against him. We say it’s time to encourage the mayor to make some mandatory pro-environmental policies. Let Mayor White know that Houston needs him to make take some bold steps by contacting him here:

Mayor Bill White City of Houston
P.O. Box 1562 Houston, TX 77251
PHONE: 832.393.1000 EMAIL:

In the meantime, send your support to the non-profit org, Keep Houston Beautiful where they’re fighting the good fight every day.

As a city that could be catastrophically destroyed by nature in the form of a hurricane and rising sea levels, the people of Houston need to be inspired to care for the earth before it’s too late.

image courtesy of findapartmentshouston.com

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