Houston Combatting Global Warming: Green News

Back in August, we reported that Houston was lagging in the recycling effort. We admonished them, and apparently they listened. They’re trying to make an effort to combat global warming instead, and although we’d like them to improve their recycling programs, this is a great start. The Houston Chronicle reports that their goal is to reduce their carbon footprint by using wind energy, buying hybrid cars, putting in eco-friendly lightbulbs, and eventually expanding the mass transit system and installing solar panels. The mayor’s plan is to reduce emissions to 11% below 2005’s levels. Replacing traffic lights with diodes, seemingly a small step, will reduce the carbon dioxide levels by 12,011 tons. Houston is one of the smoggiest cities of the nation, and the plans include reducing nitrogen oxides, which contribute to the smog.

Three cheers for Houston! They’re making great strides to reduce their carbon footprint and we commend them for it. Have you experienced Houston’s smog? Do you think there will be a visible difference once these plans are underway?

Image: http://www.houstoncityinfo.com

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