Hot and Hairless

Boy did my last Beauty newsletter spark discussion….  Just to clear it up, in no way were we saying that Brit Spears choice of a new hairdoo was the same as the look worn by Melissa Etheridge after undergoing chemo for breast cancer. The point we we were trying to make is, whether it’s by illness (Melissa Etheridge ) or choice (me going bald after a particularly bad spat with a perm), going bald for women is a bold, liberating move and whether you love her or hate her, Brit shaving her hair and the resulting press frenzy surrounding the act, demonstrated just how bold a move it is.

M. Etheridge’s bald move was bold because it forced people to deal with her illness (rather than tip-toeing around it and her). S. O’Connor’s bald move was bold becuse it forced a superficial business to confront it’s concept of beauty.

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