Hot Nail Trends: Read This Before You Proceed….


Embellished Nails

Nail embellishment includes glitter, rhinestones, and airbrushing. While all of these items are amazing, modesty is key. A rhinestone here and there is great. Rhinestones all over every finger are too over the top. So, choose what’s best for you and what’s appropriate for your age. For example, if you are an older woman try just a strip of glitter at the top of your nails, rather than coating the whole nail.

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  1. says

    i really wonder how you guys come up with such creative ideas. but sometimes i think do do women manage to add additional nail to them . just for the sake of fashion. can any individual do this fashion art on its own or you need others to do it for them
    but what ever it is amazing i should say. have seen the art done on nails before but this blue/green stone stuck on the nails looks nice and different, but in my perception i would not like any thing stuck on my nail…….

  2. says

    I love the the trend of “magnetic nails”. They look so cool but I don’t think I can ever justify spending $16 on nail polish to get this magnetic effect.

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