Homemade Lavender Sugar: Budget Food Tip

For an extra-special touch to a homemade dessert or an extra flavor treat to your tea, try lavender sugar. Lavender sugar is surprisingly simple to make and it only looks fancy.

If you grow your own herbs, this is a great way to make use of them – try it with lavender or other flowers, or try mint, rosemary or other fresh herbs. Place the herb sugar in jars and seal tightly, and use throughout the year or give them to foodie as home made gifts. Or you can purchase culinary herbs from most health food stores or at farmers’ markets or food co-ops.

To make:
In a food processor, combine 2 tablespoons of dried lavender flowers (be sure they are safe for culinary use and haven’t been sprayed with pesticides) with 1 cup granulated sugar. Pulse until well distributed, then store sugar in airtight container indefinitely.

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