How to Make Envelopes

If the envelopes on your thank you cards are cheery and unique, their recipients may forgive you for sending them months late. Okay, maybe we’re just trying to rationalize our personal faux pas. When we came upon a method for making homemade envelopes on , we were reminded of a neat seller The Budget Ecoist found on She made envelopes out of magazine pages. While our medium is cardstock paper, the same concept of originality and color is present here. We all shop for envelopes as if they’re made through a mysterious process, but we were pleasantly surprised to find that it’s achingly simple.

How to Make Envelopes


Envelope supplies

Cardstock paper
A small, regular envelope
Buttons or ribbon

How to do it:

1. Carefully unglue the regular envelope until all the flaps are open and exposed. It’s become your template.
2. Lay the opened envelope on the cardstock paper.
3. Take the pencil and lightly trace around the opened envelope.
4. Cut out the cardstock envelope shape. You’re getting close!
5. Lay the regular envelope over your new one. Lift the flaps of the regular envelope and mark where the fold belongs on the cardstock.
6. Fold up the bottom section of the envelope according to the marks.
7. Apply glue to the edges of the middle bottom flap. Close it up.
8. Glue a button, sequin, ribbon, or another embellishment to the edge of the top flap.
9. Let dry.

Closed envelope
Open envelope

They’re ready to use! This was our first one, and we plan on making a lot more. Are you planning on creating your own envelopes? Tell us below!

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  1. Pat says

    I live in a VERY small town, ran out of invitation size envelopes, and needed 18 in a pinch for invitations I made for the 1st grade teachers’ luncheon given by us, Room Moms! This is great and will increase the anticipation with charming homemade envelopes.

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