Homeless Photos: Recycle This

Let’s see a show of hands for everyone who has individual photos floating around the abode, looking for a resting place. That’s what we thought – all of you. Face facts, you’re not going to create a new look book any time soon. No. You’re not. And you don’t want to leave all your cute pics loose, falling off a shelf and getting kicked around and battered beyond recognition until you reluctantly toss them in the trash. We’ve got some better ideas! Here are three suggestions as to what to do with these pics you’ve already got on your computer and most likely one of those photo services that exist so we don’t have to feel guilty about not creating a wedding album.

1. Wallpaper – Wall as photo collage = the most unique decor of all your friends. But if you don’t want to spend a ton of time with thumbtacks and sticky back (even though it would be totally worth it), go the route of this guy and take your favorite homeless photo and blow it up. Voila! Giant mural of your own making.

2. Thank You Cards/Post Cards – If you do have your precious wedding (or graduation, or birthday party) photos safe elsewhere, take the prints you just had to have plus all those prints well-meaning guests sent you and write a thank you for the amazing gift, stamp it and send it. Especially cool if the person responsible for the fab gift is in the photo.

3. Poker Night – Instead of actual cash money wagers, (which is, um, mostly illegal) pull out your photos. “I’ll see your Disneyland and raise you one Aunt Betty.”

image courtesy of SquareAmerica.com

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