Home Maintenance: Go Green

One of our favorite places to land for budget tips is Being Frugal. So many times saving money = green since the world is better off the less energy, paper, non-recyclable things you don’t purchase. As our economy struggles to stay afloat and more and more are losing their houses, those of us that still have a place to call home are trying to figure out how not to blow the whole paycheck on the abode. Being Frugal gives us 75 – that’s right 75 – corners to cut when it comes to upkeep in your home.

There are nineteen tips on saving energy alone, and lots of good ones on keeping the cold out during this frigid time of year. Our fave: Insulate your garage door. Who’da thunk it? And did you know if you keep your freezer full, it actually uses less energy? Now you do; so stock up on your Ben & Jerry’s.

The baking soda and vinegar tip for unclogging drains also makes us jump for joy because what kind of chemicals are in those heavy duty drain cleaners – really? It’s not the first time we’ve asked that question. And for home decorating they suggest you forgo the Christie’s auction and decorate with family photos and homemade (or school made if you have kiddos) art projects.

For 71 more tips, check out Being Frugal and then let us know what tips you put into practice in comments. We’re going out right now to get a weedpopper. We know you’re curious – check it out here.

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