Home Fitness Rooms: Web Round-Up

The Budget Casa brings you links from around the web on what’s hot for your home:

~ If exercising more is one of your New Year’s resolutions, you can make sticking to it easier than ever by creating your own fitness room at home. From motivational messages on the walls to furniture that hides your gear, MyHomeIdeas.com has lots of advice to create a comfy workout room in your own home (read more here)

~ Your home fitness room doesn’t have to have the same sterile feel of a gym. Better Homes and Garden can help you design a fitness room that is motivating and inviting – a space the whole family will be comfortable in (read more here)

~ Although fitness equipment can be expensive, it is possible to find great deals to create your own home gym. Overstock.com has a wide selection of fitness equipment at reduced prices, like the Proform treadmill for $499.99, and Pilates door gym for $21.99 (find more deals here)

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