Holiday Gift Guide: What to Buy Your Dad

We just put together this year’s Holiday Guide and boy was it hard to find 60 products worth mentioning under $50.  But we did it and hopefully it will give you some ideas on what hot and affordable this year. Hands down the hardest section was ‘Hip Dads’. It is sooooo difficult to shop for older men—especially if you want to step out of the box. For example, my father-in-law, a wonderful man, has at least 100 ties. No . . . make that 200. My father, bless his soul, had at least 40 shirts. 

I try to never present a problem, especially one that is budget fashion-related, without presenting a solution. So, here are five tips to gift giving for Dads:

1.  Check out the ‘Hip Dads’ section of the Holiday Shopping Guide.

2.  Enlist the help of your mother/step-mom/grandma/aunt.

3.  Gadgets are usually a safe bet. Try Sharper Image.

4.  Never, ever buy them a gift certificate. It will not be used.

5.  Buy couple gifts and save time and dough. A Tivo unit is a great option.

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