Holiday Sweaters (and Shoes?): Yea or Nay?


These are just wrong.

It’s now time to have what is becoming an annual discussion on TBF— yea or nay holiday sweaters. Personally, I believe the only people who can successfully pull of the look is my four year old nephew and my second grade teacher, Mrs. Reber.

Am I just being a Scrooge or are Holiday sweaters a no-no? If not, is there a right way to wear a holiday sweater? What about Christmas shoes?


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  1. Budget Babe says

    NAY. show your festive side some other way – red dress, fur trimmed cardigan, metallic flats – anything but a holiday-themed sweater!

  2. says

    I don’t wear Santa sweaters or shoes and most definitely have strong aversion toward reindeer antlers. I saw a woman Christmas shopping while wearing a pair atop her head. NO.

    I do like pretty, sparkly jewelry. Crystal cut beads and snowflake earrings.

  3. MizHalsegan says

    Nay. Friends don’t let friends wear holiday sweaters. And holiday shoes? Not unless you’re one of Santa’s elves. I agree with the poster above, sparkly jewels (in fun moderation) and pins can be cute and ok. Though I am guilty of wearing a Santa hat on occasion. But not out shopping! 😉

  4. Monica says

    I say nay! I used to volunteer 3 days a week at my son’s kindergarten class, and when Christmas time came around, all the kindergarten teachers began wearing those Christmas sweaters kids love with the bells and antlers and all that. So I went out looking for one so I wouldn’t look so out of place and I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t buy one. I would say”oh this one isn’t so tacky” but then I’d put it right back. Something inside me kept saying “NO!”. So nay.
      But my daughter looked adorable with her sweaters. She’s petite, very small, she just looked so cute, everyone complimented her when we were out.Now she’s ten, so she only wears holiday jewelry.

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