Holiday Style: Budget Ornaments

Buying Christmas decorations can be expensive. So, all through out the summer I browse garage sales for ornaments and wreaths. What helps is if I go with a theme. My first Christmas (on my own) was silver and blue, and this year it’s been snowflakes. I even have a bird theme in the wings.

How I keep it cheap and chic is this: I build up the basics gold and silver glass balls, usually from Walmart, and I buy them in season for $2.98 for 18 because it doesn’t get much better than that. I try to vary the sizes (small, medium and large) for added effect.

Then, when I garage sale I look for items that fit with my theme. This year I was able to buy over 50 snowflake ornaments for $5 total (my collection is pictured above). I augment those with some Target snowflakes, bought during an after-Christmas clearance sale for $5 for 20. I like to mix colors shapes and sizes for one gorgeous tree. I also look for snowflakes that will reflect light and give added drama (good drama) to my Christmas.

Even though prime garage sale season is over, don’t despair. Troll ebay and craigslist for some budget-friendly ornaments or organize an ornament exchange with your friends. Everyone has Christmas decorations they are using, brew up some special egg nog, invite some friends over and swap decorations.

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