Holiday Style: Budget Goblets

I had a party this weekend with wine and appetizers. Of course, I wanted it to be a classy affair, so no plastic goblets. I hate the dingy look of paper or plastic cups, so I often mix real glasses with paper plates. It gives the party a classy look, but also makes it functional by reducing the number of dishes.

One day, I would love to own a mismash of quirky dishes that I can pull out for a party, paper is not only dingy, it’s bad for the environment. A small investment now can have big payoffs for parties down the road so whenever I see a fun, funky plate I can afford, I like to buy just one. Soon my collection will be complete.

On Friday, I scoured second-hand stores and department stores to find some goblets that will add some class and not make me go over on my party budget. Here are the deals I found . . .

I found wine glasses at Target, 12 for $9.99. This was the best deal. They are glass, tall, with elegant stems.

Walmart has shorter goblets, 4 for $2.99 (pictured above). They are also glass, a little stocky, but do the job.

If you are lucky you can find boxes of wine glasses for sale at your local second-hand store. My Salvation Army store often carries clearanced Target items. I found some three weeks ago, but made the rookie mistake of not buying them when I saw them. When I went back, they were gone.

Also, not wanting to own 35 wine glasses (I have no where to keep them). I borrowed 10 from a friend. I made sure they were not her heirlooms and just cheapo bargains she found one lucky day.

Of course, none of these items are for sale via the internet. You have to put on pants and go to the store.

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