Repost: A Holiday Shopping Plan that Will Keep Cash in Your Wallet and Keep You Sane

4. Compare Prices Online

Take the list you just made and search for the best deal possible for each item online. I like to type in the name of the item into google, but MSN’s Live Search is also a great way to comparison shop (plus it offers cashback on certain purchases).

5. Create a Holiday Shopping Folder
Print out the products sheets of the cheapest items and place them in a holiday shopping folder. This is the folder you will take with you when you go shopping and it’s the folder in which you will place all your store receipts.

6. Search Sunday circulars and Compare in Store Prices

With your Holiday/Christmas Shopping folder in hand, search the Sunday circulars (and online) for special in store deals. Also head to brick and mortar stores, letting your per gift price range guide to the stores you should visit (if you can only spend $10 per person, then there’s no reason to head to high end stores.) Make sure you check out stores like Marshalls and TJ Maxx, purchase the overstock of top designers and manufacturers. If find an item that is cheaper online than in store, ask to speak with a manager to see if you can get a price adjustment. Many stores, including Nordstrom, offer price guarantees.

7. Determine the Cheapest Option and Buy!
Compare the in store price with the price of the item online (make sure to include shipping and subtract any discounts from online coupons) and purchase the cheapest one!

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  1. mandabear says


    This year I figured out a sneaky way to get decent holiday gifts.  I look for books I think someone will love (everyone loves books!) at barnes and noble online.  Then I use their link to buy it from the used dealers they endorse.  Often the used books dealers are selling brand new books for 1/4th of the price, so the savings are huge.  And since the book isn’t even really used, nobody knows the difference.

  2. dollilou says


    This year, I read Debt Free Holiday by Mary Hunt.  She talked about a site called . You can get free silver jewelry by just paying $6.99 postage.  I got a lot of gifts from there.  The book by Mrs. Hunt is well worth reading, too.

  3. says

    I like mandabear’s idea. Also, great tips! I’m starting my holiday shopping soon and it looks more and more daunting by the day… all those lists!

    But maybe I’ll actually save some money this Christmas. That would be a nice present for myself :)

  4. Ellen says

    I just put two designer items on layaway! Black Friday my local store opens at 5:00am wiht steep discounts.. when I get them off lay away on Black Friday they apply the discount!! I don’t have to wait in line and I don’t have to be at the store at 5:00am as the items are already in my name

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