Sponsored Post: 5 Stylish Ways to Approach Holiday Get-Togethers

‘Tis the season of obligatory office holiday parties and family reunions that most probably include Uncle Elliot and his one too many glasses of Pinot Noir.  Between spilled cups of eggnog and your chatty colleague Betsey’s water cooler gossip of Brad from accounting and Jenny the receptionist’s clandestine affair, it can be a jungle out there.  Here’s our guide to surviving approaching holiday get-togethers in style.

5 Holiday Party Style Tips to Survive the Season

Combat all the way, baby: Want to stand out in a sea of heels, save yourself a couple of blisters, and protect your feet from spilled cocktail concoctions gone bad?  Go edgy with combat boots.  When it’s a party, we love the good-girl-gone-rogue look that fuses feminine lines with rockstar edge.  Try pairing a flirty dress, like a pleated chiffon number, with lacy tights and combat boots like Bongo’s Hondo Boot.  Top it off with a leather jacket, or in our case, we went for a semi-see through jacket

[imagebrowser id=754]

Add a little sparkle: After all, it IS the holidays.  Why not play up the holiday spirit by adding some literal sparkle to your ensemble?  Try glittery nail polish, or that statement necklace that’s too ornate for everyday wear.  We’re pulling a Dorothy and going with Bongo’s Gabby Casual Shoes covered with hundreds of little sequins.  If THAT doesn’t scream holiday cheer, we’re not sure what does.

Tighten up: When it’s a winter wonderland outside, bare legs just look, well, bare.  No one’s saying you should wear your grandma’s tights.  (Unless your grandma was uber hip in the 50’s and raiding her closet means finding wool tights in colors like mustard yellow and Merlot red.  See photo above.)  Gone are the days of nude-colored hosiery.  Instead, opt for a little color, or ditch the usual go-to black tights with fishnets or lace.

Blazer up: This one’s for our millennials. Translation: You’re not going through a midlife crisis, nor do you have “MRS. BIEBER FOREVER” scribbled across your chemistry textbook.  If you’re in that in-between age and you don’t want to be sequestered at the kiddy table, bust out the big, bad blazer.  Nothing screams “I-do-NOT-belong-at-the-table-with-cousins-who-haven’t-lost-all-their-baby-teeth-and-while-I’m-at-it-pass-me-a-beer” than a blazer.

Fashionably late: No, don’t show up 2 hours late, but being a little fashionably late is always in style.  Depending on the event (and use your best judgment), we’re thinking 30 minutes to an hour.  Listen, if the DJ is still setting up and open bar isn’t in business yet, there’s no need for you to awkwardly sit around.


This post is part of the Sponsored Posts series sponsored by our friends over at K-Mart. The content and the style, however, are all from Michelle and TBF. We may or may not have Mrs. Bieber Forever scribbled somewhere in our planners.

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