Holiday Giving: Recycle This

We are so, so hoping this is the year re-gifting will go from crass to fab-u-lous! But just in case your very proper cousin Suzie will freak at the, um, colorful porcelain bowl you got from Aunt Janet, you should try saving the world through green gift guiding instead.

Tree Hugger has one of our favorites this year and it runs the gamut from food to fashion and everything in between. They also do something we love as they offer affordable gifts we can all get behind. I mean, that’s what we’re all about here at the BE and all. Here are some choice, yet responsible, items we’re putting on our list:

Foodie Pick: Larry’s “Rockin’ Holiday Blend” coffee

Pop Culture Pick: Green Owl Records Compilation

Wee-Hugger Pick: Parade Baseball Tees

Outdoors Enthusiast Pick: Fair Traded Alpaca Chullos Cap

Take a look around at Tree Hugger and find your own eco-positive gifts for everyone on your list. While we would be happy with any of these super gifts under our tree this year, we’re still pulling for mass acceptance of the re-gift. Start the trend people! We’re right behind you with last year’s massage bar from Brookstone.

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