Five Great Holiday Gifts Under $5

Here at TBF we’re all up into the Holiday Spirit, but not into spending a ton on holiday cheer. So we put together a list of five great gifts under $5. For those low on loot, these are great holiday gifts that show you care without draining your bank account. And for those with a little more loot? Fun holiday gifts on the cheap, which means you can buy for even more peeps.

Holiday Gifts

1. Hair Tie Ball, $3.50 at
This is a great gift for fashionistas – fun yet practical.

2. Maple Tooth Picks, $4 at
For some strange reason, there are people who don’t feel whole unless there’s a toothpick in their mouth (yep, we’re looking at you Diddy). While we think this is pretty unappealing habit, the holidays is not the time to become the toothpick police.

3. Pom Pom Knit Headband, $4.80 at
This is one of those gifts you purchase on the cheap, but looks like it could have come from a higher-end store. Don’t believe it? Remove the “Forever21” tag and put the headband in a high-end store’s gift box. Trust me, they won’t know the difference.

Gifts under $5

4. Chubby Owl Earrings, $4 at
These earrings have a classic look without being over the top — the perfect holiday gift for the more conservative fashionista who wants to add new dimension to her personal style.

5. Enamel Donut Zipper Pull, $4 at
Give the gift of zipper bling with this unisex zipper pull.

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