Ten Great Last Minute Gift Ideas Under $50

Twas the night before Christmas, and you’ve got nothing under the Christmas tree for your little sis or your Aunt Bethany! Yikes! Lucky for you, a click of the mouse or a quick trip to the local grocery store can solve your little dilemma, and no one has to know! Here are ten great last minute gift ideas under $50!

Magazines: Magazines
Magazine subscriptions take a while to arrive anyway, so no one has to know that your gift was last minute. Plus, there is a magazine out there for everyone from your Justin Bieber-obsessed cousin to your Uncle Winston who loves camping outdoors.

E-gift certificate: Oh, whoever invented the e-gift certificate is pure genius! These days, many retailers offer you the option of emailing a gift certificate over to the recipient. Try picking a general store like Amazon.com, which gives your recipient the freedom to buy practically anything that has existed! Within minutes, your no-gift situation is easily remedied.

Regift: Yes, now is the time to head to that special corner in the back of your closet where you keep unopened and new gifts that you do not want. Maybe your friend Millie gave you a black scarf for your birthday, but you already have two other ones. Check out our guide on regifting before you proceed with this one.

Cash: Trust us. No one’s going to complain about getting dough. Cash is still king, my dear.

Wine: Granted your recipient is of drinking age, consider getting a bottle of wine at the local grocery store. Find out if he likes red, white, or sparkling, and wrap it up in one of those fancy wine bags.

Netflix subscription: Yes, there was all that outrage over Netflix raising their prices, but they’re still a great service. Plus, these days, many people are cutting their cable services to save money, and Netflix is an affordable alternative to cable tv or going out to the movies.

Travel pack: Head to your local drugstore, and rally up all those cute little travel sized toiletries. Shampoo, toothpaste, contact solution, etc. For friends and family that travel often, those airplane regulation rules regarding liquids can be annoying. So, customize a travel kit for them, including some of their favorite drugstore brands.

Groupon: Find Today’s Daily Deal on the Best in Calgary!
For adventurous friends and family, check out deal sites like Groupon, and buy them an experience. Maybe it’s for salsa dancing lessons or a new Armenian restaurant.

Donate to a charitable organization: For the do-gooder in your life, donating in their name may be the best gift you can give. Pick a charity that represents them. For example, for those working in healthcare, consider donating to breast cancer awareness. Or for sports lovers, try the local YMCA.

Coupons: We’re taking a page from our school days for this one. Remember when you made those cheesy coupons for mom and dad at school? The “I will take out the trash” or “Good for one hug” coupons? (Hmmm. Maybe lay off the hug one?) Make up your own coupon. For your foodie friend, offer to cook her dinner on the night of her choice. For your aunt, maybe it’s a girl’s only spa date.

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