5 Thrifty Yet Thoughtful Holiday Gift Ideas On A Budget

Here’s a secret:  I love giving, but I hate spending.  Rather oxymoronic, but I know I’m not alone.  Over the years, I’ve noticed that there are a lot of gifts that are super fantastic that won’t wreck my budget – and truth-be-told, I have yet for someone to be able to tell! Check out my personal list of holiday gift ideas on a budget.

Shop these Holiday Gift Ideas on a Budget!

  1. Gift in a Jar: Who wouldn’t love a vat of homemade soup?  All you need is a large glass jar per person and some ribbons.  For chicken noodle soup,  just layer noodles, bouillon, pepper, thyme, celery seed, garlic powder, and a bay leaf.  Attach the remainder of the recipe on a note card around the lid, and on the other side include assembly instructions.  Also works well for cookies or brownies!  Try this recipe here.
  2. Gift Certificate: I know, practically telling someone how much you spent on him or her seems like the opposite of what a budget shopper wants to do.  But if you give them a certificate for part of a larger gift – say a spa day or a dinner out – you can note “Get your nails done on me!” or “For the wine” – and they’ll see it as a complete portion of a bigger kind of present.
  3. Of The Month Club: Anything you can think of – cheese, wine, candy, fruit, meat- you can find available for a “of the month club.”  Usually boasting varying duration and types, no matter your theme, you’ll be able to find one that fits your budget.   Try Dylan’s Candy Bar.
  4. Plus wine: I’m a huge fan of the multi-item gift.  My favorite combination is a “bottle of wine plus” which means I pair a bottle of wine with another fun something.  Last year I gave out a board game plus wine (like Apples to Apples).
  5. Pictures: We’ve all got a million on our phones, and thanks to Kodak our moments can exist in real person.  Take a favorite photo, get it printed at your local photo shop or drug store, and wrap it in a frame.