Holiday Company: Hosting on a Budget

Whenever overnight guests come to stay at my house, I am tempted to go overboard, cooking and cleaning and making things look just right, but sometimes the budget just doesn’t allow me to purchase those 500 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets. So here are some budget-friendly ideas for making those holiday guests feel at home.

1. Make or purchase a gift basket for your guests. Walmart and Menards have affordable spa gift baskets that range from $10-$30. The one pictured above from Target is $24.99. If that is outside of your budget, go to Target or Walmart and purchase travel size shampoo and lotions and put them inside a festive holiday tin with a loofah. That way if your guests forget something, they don’t have to be embarrassed asking to use yours.

2. Nice comfortable sheets such as a jersey knit or flannel are on sale this time of year and you can find them to fit any budget. The sheets above are from Walmart for $10. Remember to wash them and make the bed for your guests.

3. Have plenty of pillows and blankets on hand. I gather my extra blankets and fold them into a neat pile in a chair near the bed or blow-up mattress. That way my guest can get comfy without feeling like they have to ask me for extras.

4. Make the house smell good. No matter how your house is decorated, if it is warm, tidy and smells good, your guests will feel at home. Light a candle or spray febreez in the rooms and on the furniture.

5. Clean towels are a must. Fold them and put them neatly on the made-up bed so your guests don’t have to ask or guess where the towels are.

6. Tidy up and turn on the lights. No matter what the state of your decor, a clean well-lighted place is welcoming and comfortable.

7. Don’t apologize for your house. Every home has messes. Don’t constantly apologize, it will make your guest feel uncomfortable.

8. Finally, always offer people a drink. I learned this from my Southern mother. The first thing out of your mouth when you take their coats should be an offering of a drink or water milk, or hot cocoa, anything you have on hand.

walmart jersey sheets

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