Holiday Beauty on a Budget

During the holidays, it’s hard enough to make your budget stretch for all the gifts/parties/entertaining you’ve got to do without having to spend a fortune on looking great for all those events. Here are some budget-friendly tips that will help you get through the craziness of the next couple of months looking fabulous . . .

– Create Your Own Lipgloss. If you have a lipstick that has reached it’s end, scoop out the remaining stub and place it in a contact lens case with a dab of vaseline. Mix them together for a great lipgloss. You can add a bit of sweetened Kool Aid to the gloss for flavor.

– Get an Instant “facelift”.  Braid a few cornrows around your temples to instantly “lift” the areas around you eyes. Make sure to keep them only for one night as it can cause stress around your hair line leading to breakage. You also can use egg whites to tighten skin

– Make Your Own Headbands. Feathered headbands are very in this year and you can easily make your own without spending a small fortune. Just get plastic headbands (which can be purchased from any drugstore for less than $5), a package of feathers from a craft store, and either hot glue gun or double stick tape. Glue the feather(s) on the side of the headbands.

– Budget Bronze. Save money and your skin by using budget bronzers from frugal brands like Wet ‘n’ Wild. Use these bronzers to highlight your best features like cheek bones and cleavage.

pictured: Wet ‘n’ Wild Bronzzer Compact, $2.99, Drugstore.comicon

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  1. Naweko says


    Here’s another way to make a homemade lip gloss:

    Mix a teaspoon of white petroleum (or some form of Vaseline), a drop of red food coloring (optional) to add a pink tint, and a pea sized amount of cosmetic glitter for some sparkle (optional). You can store the lip balm in clean, recycles cosmetic jars. Apply the lip gloss using a cotton swab.

    Peace out,

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