H&M’s Creepy Fake Models?

Ay Caramba!  Talk about a creepy case of Big Brother with WAY too much Photoshop skills.

For those with a keen eye, have you thought that H&M’s models are looking a bit clone-like these days?  Well, you’re on the right track because the models bodies are created on the computer, and the individual model faces are attached also via computer.

Apparently, one of the fake bodies was made black.

Hmmm… We always knew models were digitally doctored, but fake bodies?  Come on, H&M!  We think their web development resources should work on that e-commerce site, NOT creating clone bodies.

What do you think?

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  1. says

    I haven’t seen the black one yet :-)

    I like to see clothing on a body to get a sense of the fit. I’m not sure, then, how I’m supposed to process these fake images.

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