Organic Cotton By The Ton at H&M: Green Fashion

If you’re a budget-minded clotheshorse (and who here isn’t?), prepare for cheap organic cotton bliss. H&M, that grand dame of inexpensive chic, is making its move toward an eco conscience – which is good news for the world at large, given the number of leggings and swing dresses H&M moves internationally each year. Organic cotton made its debut at H&M this spring (now used in all departments), and the coming autumn marks H&M’s environmental expansion with the use of materials like organic and recycled wool and recycled polyester. Used in the men’s, women’s, and children’s lines, these new materials will be steadily infiltrating the store.

H&M Goes Organic

Making their home in the women’s department this fall (before making their home in your closet) will be organic and recycled wool coats and kimono jackets, tulip skirts, and knit sweaters. You’ll also be able to snag wide-leg organic cotton jeans, patterned dresses and body suits, and couture-inspired anoraks made from recycled polyester. (Our sources reveal that an anorak is British slang for a heavy jacket with a hood. Perhaps everyone else already knows this. We just like to be thorough.) If your underthings are feeling left out of the organic cotton party, never fear – striped underwear and embroidered sleepwear will also be available.

Historically, we’ve appreciated H&M for its stunning ability to completely replenish our wardrobe for less than could be spent on a single pair of jeans. Now there’s a whole new reason to visit the multi-leveled fashion gargantuan – to track down that sometimes mythical, always rare breed: inexpensive yet environmentally-friendly clothes. (All eco duds will be marked in stores with special tags.)

Next week we’ll remember that it is, in fact, summer and have fewer anoraks and more bikinis. Promise.

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